Criminal And Family Law Attorney In Frederick County, Maryland

It is the rare law firm that can effectively protect a criminal defendant's rights in court and efficiently complete a contested divorce in family court on the same day.

These are just two of the top-flight legal services you can expect from the versatile Frederick, Maryland, criminal defense and family law attorneys at The Law Offices of Thomas P. Sinton, P.A.

Are you intent on avoiding harsh punishments if convicted of a serious crime?

Are you fearful of losing ownership of significant marital assets during a high net worth divorce?

Thomas P. Sinton's more than 25 years of experience can make a positive difference in your future. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals in an informative, confidential initial consultation.

Experienced, Personalized Approach To Your Legal Issues

As your lawyer in local and state criminal courts, Thomas P. Sinton will skillfully use his prosecutor background to negotiate on your behalf with opposing counsel and aggressively litigate against them if necessary.

You will receive quality representation and attentive personal service when facing charges of possessing or distributing dangerous drugs such as heroin; first- or second-degree assault; theft of all kinds, including shoplifting and burglary; or repeat drunk driving offenses that could jeopardize your Maryland driver's license.

Do you need a "prior," or previous criminal charge, expunged from your record so you can pass background checks for employment and housing opportunities? Thomas P. Sinton can help.

Our family law practice is equally client-focused in practice areas such as uncontested, contested, high-asset and military divorce; child custody and visitation; child support and spousal support; division of property and assets; custody and support modifications; and the need for a protective order following an episode of domestic violence.

We are proud of the positive roles that our lawyers have played in many lives, their versatility and their track record of success. We are equally proud of our tradition of customized personal attention for every client, regardless of need. Wherever you come from, whatever your issue, we are dedicated to the best possible outcome for you.

Arrange your initial consultation by calling The Law Offices of Thomas P. Sinton, P.A., at 301-694-8877. You can also reach us by email message.